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Brought to you by Kids In Communication (KIC), Kicsters is a digital pop-up youth club for young people aged 10 - 18. Kids In Communication (KIC) have over 25 years experience working with over 25,000 young people across the country helping them to amplify their voices using the power of radio on matters concerning them (#TheVoiceOfANewGeneration); drugs & alcohol, youth funding cuts, mental health and more.

In 2014 Kids In Communication (KIC) formed Kicsters, a digital pop up youth club, in Wolverhampton and Walsall. Our mission is to deliver local programmes that meet the needs of young people and empower them to learn new skills, gain knowledge, play an active role in their community through social action projects, achieve and improve emotional and social capabilities. 

Working with local community partners, young people and communities Kids In Communication (KIC) is able to adapt to ensure all our programmes meet the changing needs of young people. This approach to our work gives us the insight needed to develop partnerships to create, co-create and deliver accessible, innovative, funded opportunities for young people where they can learn new skills, access opportunities and empower them to engage and play an active role within their community. 

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