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Brownhills Goes Green - Project Announcement!

Kicsters are delighted to announce that on Friday 14th January 2022 we received confirmation that we had been successful in our application to receive £10,000 from The National Lottery Community Fund - Together For Our Planet. Thanks to their support and that of Lottery players, KIC will be launching a new climate action project in Brownhills called 'Brownhills Goes Green' which will work with young people, parents, residents, businesses and strategic partners to raise awareness of climate change and act now to reduce our impact contributing to the climate crisis.

The initiative will begin with the training of 25-30 young people to become Climate Change Ambassadors. The role of Climate Change Ambassadors will be to lead on the design, development and delivery of campaigns and projects. They will play an active role in the community by leading conversations and activities with other young people, becoming community reporters discussing climate change with the public, identifying partnerships with professionals, distribute information and promote activities and events related to climate change across the Walsall borough.

Through our strong social media following and work within the local community we will also encourage young people, parents, schools, and businesses owners to do their bit. (Eating less meat, taking the bus instead of car, buying without packaging, going paperless). A climate action pledge wall entitled ‘To Protect Our Planet I Will…’ will be placed in Brownhills Highstreet for the community to share their ideas and sign. This will act as a visual reminder of the communities commitment to the planet.

If you are aged 13+, live in Brownhills and would like to become a Climate Change Ambassador please visit for more information. For more information email

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