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Kicsters : Red Nose Day

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

Written by Birmingham Mail

Scores of youngsters from KICFM have helped to get this year’s Comic Relief campaign off to a noisy and fun start in the Midlands with the help of stand-up comedian David Morgan.

David, who has appeared on ITV2 gameshow Safeword, joined the youngsters at a pop up youth club at Low Hill Community Centre in Wolverhampton to celebrate the start of this year’s campaign.

Community radio station KICFM, also known as Kids in Communication, has been running for 20 years and engages and consults with young people on issues including mental health with innovative equipment, discussions, performances and media experience.

It broadcasts 24/7 across the world, visits schools and holds community events and has helped 10,000 youngsters in the local area – including some of its members going on to radio careers with the BBC and FM.

Comic Relief has helped to fund the project to the tune of £30,000 over the last two years.

On Monday (January 30) youngsters enjoyed meeting David and had fun using a digital graffiti wall, photo booth and radio studio.

Amy Nicholas, aged 18, who has been involved with Kids in Communication for two years, said: “I’ve always wanted to work in radio and when I found out about Kids in Communication and the work they are doing at school, I really wanted to get involved.

“Since joining the project I have learnt so much and my confidence has really grown. “Kids in Communication has given me so many opportunities and made me believe I can follow my dreams and now I’m applying to university to study broadcast journalism.”

David, aged 33 and from Solihull, said: “It’s really difficult to get kids to talk about their feelings so this project is utterly fantastic. It gives young people somewhere to talk about how they’re feeling in a safe and comfortable place where they will be taken seriously.

“My fellow West Midlanders, get involved and get fundraising for Red Nose Day to keep amazing projects like this going!”

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