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Heritage Lottery Fund received by Kicsters

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Kicsters are delighted to announce that on Monday 2nd March 2020 we received confirmation that we had been successful in our application to receive £9,700 from National Lottery Heritage Fund. Thanks to their support and that of Lottery players, Kicsters will be launching a new intergenerational project which will work with young people, parents, residents and strategic partners to produce an interactive digital mosaic celebrating the community of Darlaston and its diverse and rich heritage. In addition to producing an interactive mosaic where images come alive at the touch of your fingertips, young people will be trained to use digital equipment including laptops, audio recorders, DSLR cameras, phones, tablets and more. The young people of Darlaston will also be shown how to use editing software for photographs, videos and audio. Later this year, a community event will be held to recognise Darlaston, past and present with the interactive mosaic being revealed. If you live, work, or have a historical connection to Darlaston we would like to speak with you, find out your stories, gather your photographs, read news paper clippings etc and make Darlaston's heritage accessible to the 21st century. For more information email

Project Photo Gallery

Throughout the Summer of 2021 young people from Darlaston learnt the basics of photography and how to use professional camera equipment. They then took to the streets of Darlaston looking for and photographing places of interest. They later started to research these places and associated stories.

On February 26th 2022, Kids In Communication (KIC) hosted an event at Darlaston Town Hall to showcase the hard work of young people who contributed to putting the Darlaston Mosaic together. The Darlaston Mosaic provoked the sharing of memories and stories about Darlaston and the people who have lived there.

If you would like to see our Darlaston Mosaic you can find it at Darlaston Town Hall, Victoria Road, WS10 8AA.

The Darlaston Mosaic reveals

Darlaston during...

- Middle Ages

- World War 2 (WWII)

Places of interest

- Grace Academy - St Thomas Moore - Darlaston Town Hall - All Saints Church - Darlaston Sports & Social Club - Darlaston Train Station - Mindful Gifts - St Lawrence Church - Sure Start

- Darlaston Recreation Centre

- Darlaston Leisure Centre

- The Sons of Rest / The Sons and Daughters of Rest

- George Rose Park

- The Swan Pub - Rough Hay Community Centre - Darlaston Post Office - Darlaston Fire Station - Darlaston Police Station - Darlaston Library - Darlaston Conservative Club - ASDA, Darlaston - St Georges Church

- Darlaston Windmill

- Darlaston Football Club

- Darlaston Manor House

- The Street Names of Darlaston

People of interest

​- Billy Ennis (Football Player)

- Mark Lewis Francis (Olympian)

- Sue Nichols (Actress)

- John Fiddler (Musician)

- Mark Thomas Rhodes (TV Presenter)

- Graham Sydney Warner (Cricketer)

- Jemma Bevan (TV Star)

- Benjamin Whittaker (Olympian)

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1 Comment

Benjamin Williams
Benjamin Williams
Mar 04, 2020

Fantastic news for Darlaston as Kicsters brings the exploration of heritage to the 21st century through our interactive digital mosaics.

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