Heritage Lottery Fund received by Kicsters

Updated: Feb 3

Kicsters are delighted to announce that on Monday 2nd March 2020 we received confirmation that we had been successful in our application to receive £9,700 from National Lottery Heritage Fund. Thanks to their support Kicsters will be launching a new intergenerational project which will work with young people, parents, residents and strategic partners to produce an interactive digital mosaic celebrating the community of Darlaston and its diverse and rich heritage. In addition to producing an interactive mosaic where images come alive at the touch of your fingertips, young people will be trained to use digital equipment including laptops, audio recorders, DSLR cameras, phones, tablets and more. The young people of Darlaston will also be shown how to use editing software for photographs, videos and audio. Later this year, a community event will be held to recognise Darlaston, past and present with the interactive mosaic being revealed. If you live, work, or have a historical connection to Darlaston we would like to speak with you, find out your stories, gather your photographs, read news paper clippings etc and make Darlaston's heritage accessible to the 21st century. For more information email Kicsters@kicfm.com

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