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Concerns Grow Over ‘The Blue Whale’ Game

Concerns and fears have also arose around an online game entitled ‘The Blue Whale’, which was developed in Russia in 2013.

In order to play the game, players sign up and complete 50 dares over 50 days online. Dares include watching horror movies, waking up at unusual hours and self harming, with each dare getting more and more extreme. On the 50th day, the final dare of which the player is presented with is to kill themselves.

There has been several cases of young teens and children taking part in the game, and it leading to severe injuries or even death. A 14 year old boy in Argentina was hospitalised and in intensive care after taking part in the game and attempting suicide.

As the number of reported cases have grown, the government are becoming increasingly concerned with what young people are able to access online. Parents are now on high alert and reassuring their children that they can make there own choices without feeling pressured or without taking part in something where they feel pressured, unsafe or uncomfortable.

During summer 2017, Kicsters will be running sessions on online safety to help raise awareness amongst young people of the dangers they face online, and how to keep their personal information private.

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