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Clash of Clans Game Review - Reece Braia

Clash of clans is ranked the 9th highest game in the I tunes store. It is a family friendly game which allows you to connect with fellow clan players and build a virtual relationship with people nationwide. It allows in app purchases and is rated 9+ years. 

The main aim of the game is to build a clan like in the example below.

The aim of the game is to build a gigantic clan then build an indestructible army to beat other clans and loot out there bases then use these loot to make you base bigger and better then to buy better and bigger troops upgrade land barracks builders huts and much more but don’t forget you can be raided as well then your loot is lost as well

So you have to build defences to keep your army and base safe from intruders it also offers a clan chat feature witch allows you to talk with fellow clan members there is also a global chat to find out info about the rest of the worlds clans that’s the main aims of the Game but I will leave some for you to discover your self because THWRE ARE TOO MANY CATCHES AND extensions you also level up the more up gems and coins you get.

These are the troops you level up a few at a time when you add your barracks to level up you can also get labs and potion brew stations overall it’s a really fun game its slightly time consuming and highly addictive but it’s really fun! I like the fact that the game will never end and no matter what time you go onto the game there is something else to do there is always a next possible step some things you could improve are the game load speed and how long it takes to start up the game and the lags with are just simple bug fixes.!!!

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