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Rocket League Game Review - Amy Nicholas (Aged 18)

Rocket League provides Gamers with the experience of Football and Racing in one Game. This game will fascinate you and grab your attention. One simple press of a button will give you that boost to get to the ball and score the winning goal. For beginners they can play against computers or their friends on multiplayer so that they can learn the basics and then lean over to play against other people nationally or internationally. You’ll be able to customise your own car to use in the field to add different textures and features. I personally like this game as it has a competitive side and due to the fact I enjoy sports and gaming. This is a good thing as it is both combined into one and the competitive side is addicting which makes it even more fun. The only downside I would have for this game is that it you may be placed with Players that are not as experienced as you or just don’t take the game as seriously as others would. This then effects the rank of the individual that is a good player.

Competitive – Esports

Many competitive Rocket League Players consider ESports their job , they train and practice to compete in the championship in hopes of winning the grand prize of $375,053.07. Many Competitive Players love doing this as a job because they are passionate about the Game. ESports is a well-known competitive community where different competitive teams play against each other to win the Grand Prize. Esports also hold competitive tournaments for different games such as League of Legends and the World Championship series which would include the Overwatch competitive season. Majority of these tournaments are streamed on a website called where they present the tournament live for hundreds and thousands of people.

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