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Job Simulator PS4 VR Game Review - Connor Walton (Aged 12)

Job simulator PlayStation Virtual Reality game review.

To play this game, you’ll need:

-A VR headset

-A pair of motion controllers (2 controllers come inside of one pack)

-A PSVR camera (if on PlayStation)

What the game is about:

Job simulator is a VR game, which is based in the year 2050. Overall, there is no actual aim of the game, but there is still tasks to do in each level. The player is a human living in a world surrounded by hovering robots.

You have an option between 4 different jobs to choose from:

-Office worker

-Gourmet chef

-Store clerk

-Auto mechanic

Each job has their own unique levels, for example: Replace someone’s car fluid, scan someone’s maximum energy drink, make a presentation on your computer and… make a pizza for somebody who is allergic to tomatoes and warmth??!!

We also have our trustworthy companion Job bot, who will give us our tasks and how to do them throughout every job. If you easily forget things like I do , don’t worry, After Job bot’s explanation, there’s a board next to him, which will have images of what you need and what to do with them.

Positives: Easy controls Incredible animation Good quality sound Great explanations

Negatives: Need a LARGE play area If you don’t have the space required, you are unable to play office worker (you’ll be in a wall)

Rating: This is one of my favourite VR games and I strongly recommend it but due to my play area, It’s fairly hard for me to play but I still rate it 10/10

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